Veggies ready NOW!

Summer is here! We have been madly planting lots of veggies, herbs and companion flowers into the ground and are now harvesting some of our efforts. Carrots, Beets, Basil, Kale, Collards, Cucumbers, and Garlic are available FRESH now. You can pick your own vegetables during u-pick days (Wednesday and Saturdays). Strawberries are quickly disappearing with the above 90F heat we are having and will continue to have. Garlic is being harvested and is so delicious!! For those in or near Athens, we have our produce listed on Athens Locally Grown, buy what you want each week on Monday and Tuesday and pickup on Thursday evenings. The Rowdy Rooster in Lexington often has our fresh berries for sale. This is a great little shop and well worth a visit. You are also welcome to stop by the farm to pickup fresh produce (always ring first) and we prefer Wednesday or Saturday for u-pick. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates (below), follow us on Instagram or join our Facebook group.

A Family Favorite Berry Farm near Athens Georgia

Husband and wife team, Cameron and Laura, welcome you to visit their beautiful 23 acre berry farm nestled among pine trees and pasture, located about 30 min south of Athens and within 2 hours of Atlanta and Augusta. In April and early May, you can expect to find ripe strawberries followed by mulberries (May and early June), and blueberries and blackberries (June and early July), available by the pint and gallon. We harvest our ripest and sweetest berries from 2000 strawberry plants, 2000 blackberry plants, 2500 blueberry plants, and 16 mulberry trees.  Starting in May and continuing through July, we hope to have beets, kale, collards (limited qty), carrots, basil, dill, oregano, common mint, cucumbers, white potatoes, okra and tomatoes (cherry and slicing). In September and October we harvest sweet potatoes, luffa, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and pumpkins.

Our you-pick hours will be changing this year as we narrow our pick your own window and focus on farm efficiency as it’s literally a husband and wife team with 2 children under 3 trying to make a go of farming. We have some loyal folks who volunteer time in exchange for a place to calm the mind, touch the soil, and connect with the farm. Let us know if you would like to give a hand. We have jobs for nearly anyone and welcome all help! We are also adding farmers markets to our list this year, selling all our farm produce (berries, veggies, herbs, preserves, juice and more) at the West Broad Farmers Market in Athens and Downtown Monroe on Saturday mornings. We plan to be open at the farm on Wednesdays and most Saturdays from April into October.

Pre-picked berries and veggies are available by request in the Picked 4 U section. Veggies and flowers are also on the 2019 menu. We are working on our calender to host a Healthy Lifestyle series of “How to make and Why” workshops including fermented pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, homemade yogurt, green smoothies, kombucha, bone broths and more in 2019. Let us know if you are interested in any of these workshops. See our Blog for farm updates, favorite recipes and ideas to enjoy these delicious fresh foods. Sign up to our Newsletter below for updates, tips and recipes to stay connected.



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