What to expect when you arrive:

Park on the grass left and right of the driveway. Walk to our farm house to be welcomed and sign-in.

Sweet potato dig: We will guide you to the sweet potato rows which are north of the blueberry orchard (closer to the road) where you can dig as many sweet potatoes as you like. We ask that you only dig for what you wish to take home. Small fingerling potatoes are delicious diced up in the slow cooker or oven. $1.25/lb Please bring your own bags; we also provide recycled bags upon request. These potatoes store well in a cool (do not freeze!) location so dig enough to last through winter. Last year we kept ours until March (when we started our slips for this year’s planting). Please wear boots/shoes appropriate for digging in Georgia soils. Ring us to confirm we are home and not in the hospital delivering baby #2 (706.201.5553)! We still have frozen blueberries (1 gal or 5lb), honey and ice cream available too.

Berry Season:

Take as many picking buckets as you desire.
Pay when you finish picking (cash or card). 3% processing fee for non-cash payments including Apple pay & Android pay.
Half-gallon is $7 (basket included).
Full gallon is $12 (bucket extra to take home). 
You may bring your own take-home containers or purchase the picking bucket for $1 or plastic clamshell for $0.50.
All blueberries, blackberries and mulberries are the same you pick price per gallon ($12).
Raspberries are pre-picked only and first come basis or order ahead.
We will advise the best sections for you-picking upon arrival.
We encourage you to wash your hands before and after picking for a healthier, safer picking experience.
We have clean proper restrooms with hot and cold water available for everyone.

Some items you want to consider bringing: closed toed shoes or gum boots (we are a farm!); hat and sunscreen; long sleeves and pants. We have homemade ice cream and water for sale. You are welcome to bring your own food although we ask that you not eat in the orchard (food safety reasons).

Open hours:

Thurs-Saturday by appointment.

Baby #2 is due any day now so please call ahead!

See our Events page, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates.

Our Berries


Buffalo Creek Berry Farm has over 2500 blueberry bushes. Blueberries develop in clusters on branches of a flowering shrub; they are small, ranging from 2/10 to nearly ¾ of an inch in diameter depending on variety, with a flared crown on the end. Unripe blueberries change from green to pink to light purple. Ripe blueberries are deep purple and plump - best when their outer waxy cover begins to fade. Ripe, ready to u-pick berries should be sweet and flavorful.

Season – early June to late July. Exact dates vary year to year. It is best to pick early to late morning. The berries become mushy on hot afternoons which is why we are open primarily in the morning. CLOSED FOR 2018 PICKING.

Laura Pallas - blueberries mixture of ready to u pick.JPG


Choose from over 2000 blackberry bushes. Blackberries are a bramble bush with and without thorns. Their fruit develop on canes into multi-celled, bumpy appearing berries. They are often larger than blueberries and darker in color. Unripe blackberries are similar to blueberries in that both go from green to pink before becoming dark blue when ripe and ready to pick. Blackberries are usually more tart than blueberries.

Season – early June to late July. Exact dates vary year to year. CLOSED FOR 2018 PICKING.

Laura Pallas - ready to pick blackberries.JPG


Mulberries are a tree with deliciously sweet fruit that are similar to a blackberry without the hard seeds and super sweet. Harvest is usually by hand or gently shaking the branches of the tree. We have 17 trees in 3 locations on our farm.

 Season – late May to mid-July. Exact dates vary year to year. CLOSED FOR 2018 PICKING.

Laura Pallas - Mulberry-Hand-source stethnews-com.jpg


With limited supply, these are only available pre-picked. See our Picked 4 U page to reserve yours before they disappear! Similar to blackberries but much more delicate to grow and pick, our raspberries are bright red and firm to soft when ripe. Our variety is more firm than other varieties so they last longer in the fridge. You still need to enjoy raspberries fairly quickly (within a day or so) or freeze for later.  

Season – around mid-June to mid-July. Exact dates vary year to year.

Laura Pallas - raspberries pre-picked pint.JPG